Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U2 - War

War is U2 at their most angular and socially aware, which is really saying something for a band that is known for its angular songs and overall social consciousness. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" opens the album and sets the tone for all the songs that follow.

The only real break in the social commentary of this album is "Two Hearts Beat as One," but the track is no less driving than the other college rock gems on this album. It's a love song, but definitely not a ballad.

Because I purchased this album in 1998 (I got it at a pawn shop which also served as the only local head shop. The CD's were in the back of the shop near the bongs. I remember there was one shaped like a giant hand doing the "hang loose" sign. I also remember finding it odd that bongs and handguns were being sold under the same roof) I was never as aware of its social importance as I would have been had I purchased this album in 1983. Of course I was 4 years old in 1983, so I don't know how familiar I was with the plight of Northern Ireland at the time. At any rate, War is an album that not only sounds good, it feels important. I don't think I'll ever appreciate it in the way it was intended, but I'm getting there.

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