Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Tories - Wonderful Life

I bought this Tories album when I was in desperate need of more power pop in my life. I bought it alongside another album which I must have been very excited to get because I just didn't listen to Wonderful Life for nearly a year after buying it. Then one day I put itunes on shuffle (something I never like to do. I like to have control over my music at all times) and the title track from this album came up. I was immediately swept away. For some reason (actually, it's a pretty obvious one if you know what I'm talking about) the title track of this album reminds me of the part of Red Dwarf (the book because I've only seen a couple episodes of the TV series) where they get trapped in the game. Specifically I'm talking about Lister's dream life.

Anyway, I quickly found that I was missing out on some primo power pop. I don't know who The Tories are, where they come from, or anything else about them. I only know they write excellent songs with great melodies overlayed with succulent harmonies. If that's the sort of thing you're into (and really, you should be) this is a great album.

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