Saturday, July 21, 2012

TV Eyes - s/t

TV Eyes is the first real project that reunited Roger Joseph Manning jr. and Jason Falkner of Jellyfish. It also brings in their homie from Redd Kross, Brian Reitzell who had previously collaborated with Roger Manning on just about everything.

The interesting thing about TV Eyes is that it really comes out of nowhere. Nothing that any of the members of this band has ever done ever sounded quite like this. TV Eyes is a Madchester-ish electronic record that really knocked me for a loop. I listened to "Need to Love" every single day at least once a day for the better part of a year. It was a while before I really even digested the record as a whole, and came to realize that this thing is just a pure gem. Just know that if you dig things like New Order or The Happy Mondays you need to hear this album. I don't know where you'll ever find this album. I had to get it as a Japanese import. My local record store imported it on request, and I don't know if I could've gotten it otherwise.

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