Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Toasters - Dub 56

I bought Dub 56 because I wanted some more 2-tone ska in my life. What I really wanted was either of the two Toasters albums I had already heard (Skaboom! and D.L.T.B.G.Y.D.), but couldn't find them in the record store, so I bought Dub 56.

Dub 56 has plenty of great Toasters tunes, but I wouldn't say that it has as many bona fide hits as the aforementioned other two albums (I only focus in on those two albums because The Toasters have released dozens of albums. I was only aware of the two I mentioned because the guy who introduced me to ska owned them). This is another album that I had to grow into due to my misguided expectations about what a Toasters album should be. Dub 56 is hit-laden in its own right, and even includes several live cuts, all of which show that The Toasters can pull it off on stage just as easily as they can in the studio. If you want to know what 2-tone ska is all about, this should be one of the first albums you check out.

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