Monday, July 2, 2012

The Telepathic Butterflies - Introducing

I love everything about this album. I found out about this one, oddly enough, at a self-service music discovery kiosk inside Zia's (the second banana of Arizona record stores). The kiosk was broken within a week of its installation in the store, so this may very well be the only disc purchased on its recommendation (I never saw anyone else use it, but then again I wasn't the one who broke it).

I didn't expect much from this album when I bought it. I was going through a phase where I literally could not leave a record store without buying something. This explains abomination known as The Coral. Anyway, The Telepathic Butterflies are a power pop band with a retro vibe. They're like The Kinks circa The Village Green Preservation Society meets The Byrds circa Mr. Tambourine Man. If you can dig Apples in Stereo and other such retro goodness, you can surely make room in your life for this album. It's really really really ridiculously good.

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