Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Al Green - Compact Command Performances: 14 Greatest Hits

Al Green is amazing. His voice is sweet, smooth, and soulful. He is exactly the type of artist who absolutely killed it in his day, but wouldn't fly on any of the twelve billion tv-based singing competitions which favor pointless vocal noodling over actual talent and soul. If you want to know what soulful singing really sounds like, toss your american idol crap into an industrial shredder and give "Tired of Being Alone" a spin.

My beef with every single tv singing competition aside, this is a fantastic compilation. It is not the most thorough compilation of Al Green's greatness, but every single track is a stone-cold slice of soul. Sure, I could point you in the direction of compilations with more tracks (The Definitive Greatest Hits) or compilations that give a greater overview of the man's career (The Immortal Soul of Al Green), but this compilation gives you exactly what it is supposed to: 14 of Al Green's greatest soul tracks.

Baleeted? Nope.

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