Friday, January 11, 2013

David Bowie - Heroes

Having struck upon something brilliant with Low, Bowie and Eno decided to not mess with success. Heroes is another record with vocals on one side and experimental electronic instrumentals on the other. While it follows in the mold laid out by Low, I would argue that Heroes improves on the formula.

My argument for Heroes' superiority lies in the strength of its vocal side. The instrumentals are a wash. I honestly don't know what makes one ambient track better than another. The title track on Heroes is among the very best songs Bowie has ever written. There's something so enchanting about the rhythm of the song as well as the little nuanced instrumental parts hidden in the background. Also, I really like "Sons of the Silent Age" because it sounds a bit like a throwback to Bowie's earlier material. "Joe the Lion" and "Blackout" are romping rockers, which Bowie has never done enough of. The A-side of Heroes is just better than the A-Side of Low. As for the B-side, I'll leave that for people who know anything about ambient electronica, because I don't.

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