Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bread - The Best of Bread

Bread is one of the greatest soft rock bands in history. There's really something special about that 1970's AM Radio sound, and Bread rocks it softly as well as anyone ever has.

My two favorite Bread tunes are "If" and "Baby I'm A Want You," and they're both included on this compilation. Side A of this album is filled with Bread's softer material, and they actually rock it out a little on the B-Side. Most notably, Bread churns out an honest-to-goodness Skynyrd-esque rocker in "Mother Freedom," which proves that they aren't just wussies who are afraid to really rock it out (a common perception of soft rock that I have been trying to stifle for years). Although Bread can crank out the rock, I prefer their more sensitive material. I just can't get enough of that wispy 1970's sound. Just go and listen to "If" and try to tell me it isn't awesome.

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