Saturday, January 19, 2013

Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again

Buffalo Springfield was a pre-supergroup or a proto-supergroup or whatever you call a group that was plenty famous on its own, but the members of which went on to be more famous as solo artists or as members of other groups. Most notably the group featured a young Neil Young as well as Stephen Stills, and that's not even to mention Richie Furay who was one of the founding members of Poco or Jim Messina (who was not yet with the band at the time this album was recorded) also of Poco as well as Loggins and Messina.

Regardless of what the individual members of Buffalo Springfield would eventually accomplish, Buffalo Springfield was all sorts of awesome in their own right. They blended elements of rock, country, folk, and blues in unique and endlessly fascinating ways. Buffalo Springfield Again is a perfect example of the band's genre-bending and genre-hopping abilities. The songwriting duties were shared between everybody except Dewey Martin and Bruce Palmer (drums and bass respectively). Stephen Stills really shines on this album with "Bluebird" and "Rock & Roll Woman," but Neil Young's "Mr. Soul" and "Expecting to Fly" are great songs in their own right. This album is a delight from top to bottom, and one of the best slices of Americana I have ever heard. If you love The Band and/or Gram Parsons, you need this album.

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