Friday, March 23, 2012

The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile

I bought this album right as Brian Wilson's Smile was coming out because I wanted to hear the versions of these songs that existed in the era in which they were written. Of course I have no problem with The Wondermints (Brian Wilson's touring band who helped him re-record and complete the much-ballyhooed Smile) but I wanted to know what these songs sounded like without the benefit of modern recording equipment. Smiley Smile is not Smile, but it's similar. Because it isn't the answer to Sgt. Pepper that Beach Boys fans were looking for, it's a bit underrated. That sounds like an odd statement for an album that features both "Heroes and Villains" and "Good Vibrations", but it's true. I found Smiley Smile to be an excellent album and well worth the price of purchase.

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