Friday, March 23, 2012

Letters to Cleo - Wholesale Meats and Fish

I don't know that it's not in some way sexist that I absolutely love female-fronted rock bands. I believe Chrissie Hynde was the one who said that men form bands to meet women, but women form bands because they really love music. There's certainly an element of truth in that, and I can't deny the attraction that I have toward women who rock (especially when they're as attractive as Kay Hanley). But I tend to value female musicians for their music and not merely for their physical attributes. Case in point: People say alanis morissette is attractive, but I will punch her in the face if I ever see her because I hate her crappy music so much. It's the same treatment that I would give any of the male (or female) members of the black eyed peas for the giant dook they dropped on the music landscape.

So here's where we stand: I really like Letters to Cleo. They rock collectively and Kay Hanley is super attractive individually. My enjoyment of their music is not contingent on Kay's attractiveness, but it's certainly a nice perk. Letters to Cleo is everything you'd want from a female-fronted 1990s band. They write good songs, they play them well. This album is great.

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