Friday, March 23, 2012

The Beatles - Rubber Soul

The Beatles look tired from constant touring and hounding by their fans and almost sick of their own career on the cover of Rubber Soul (I once took a college course on The Beatles and learned that the cover photo on this album very much reflects how The Beatles were feeling at the time. Yes, three credit hours for listening to The Beatles. Love it.). The music on Rubber Soul is anything but tired and worn out. Rubber Soul has early forays into weirdness such as "Norwegian Wood", but also sings sweetly as ever on songs like "Michelle" and "Girl." It's as solid an album as The Beatles ever put out, which is remarkable considering how wiped out they were at the time.


  1. Sweet, I took a class about the Beatles in college as well, at UC Berkeley. :D

  2. Yeah, it's one of those things you hear about in high school that makes you wish you were in college and able to take the courses that suit your interests. I loved my Beatles class and I still remember a lot of the things I learned, which I cannot say for my core courses.