Monday, March 26, 2012

Roger Joseph Manning jr. - Land of Pure Imagination

Roger Manning is an interesting dude. He was in one of the greatest power pop bands of all-time (Jellyfish) and now he has the cred and the freedom to do pretty much whatever he wants (as evidenced by the fact that he and Brian Reitzell released the soundtrack to a fictional sequel to Logan's Run. Like I said, whatever he wants). Land of Pure Imagination is his first domestically-available solo album (it was originally released in Japan as Solid State Warrior and was slightly different than the U.S. release) and it shows exactly why he's one of the most respected experts in the use of analogue synths since Walter/Wendy Carlos. Land of Pure Imagination is exactly as lush as its title indicates. The harmonies are Jellyfish-sweet, the instrumentals are rich and thick, and the songs themselves are unpredictable yet highly enjoyable. I love everything about this album.

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