Monday, March 26, 2012

Bob Marley - Legend

Everyone owns this album. It's the Frampton Comes Alive of my generation. Seriously, even if you don't think you own this album, dig through your cd's again and I promise there's a copy of it in there somewhere. There's a reason why Legend is owned by every person on the planet who ever went through a reggae phase: It's awesome. Seriously, there is no weak point on this album. Even if you don't do modern reggae (I don't. I can't stand the fact that synths have worked their way into reggae and have replaced all the other instruments. Reggae bands used to have a horn section and somebody would be rocking a Wurlitzer or a Hammond. Now it's all crappy synth horns and synth organs. It sounds bad and the people who make it should feel bad) there's a universal appeal to the very best of Bob Marley. Great songs are great songs regardless of genre. Bob Marley's songs are accessible to every white suburban teenager who doesn't even understand the concept of a shanty-town. Bob Marley's Legend  is simply beyond reproach and should be owned by everyone on the planet (assuming they don't already own it).

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