Sunday, March 4, 2012

Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time

I was always a little terrified of Iron Maiden because of their fans. I knew a few Maiden fans growing up, and they scared me. Fast forward a decade or so and my brother-in-law was clearing out some cubicles after a massive downsizing. He found Somewhere in Time and Powerslave in an abandoned cubicle and gave them to me because metal isn't his cup-o-tea. Having never heard Maiden before, I half expected to hear satanic sludge when I put this disc on for the first time. What I did find was a lot of intricate guitar work, and some fantastic soaring vocals. Iron Maiden is way less scary than I imagined them being (remember, I only knew of them by their fans). Anyway, my ridiculous personal history aside, Somewhere in Time is fantastic.

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