Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kara's Flowers - The Fourth World

You know how Maroon 5 is unlistenable garbage? Seriously, I have made repeated attempts to listen to Maroon 5 and have not been able to enjoy a single second of it. People tell me it should be right up my alley, but these people seem to think my alley is filled with fecal matter. And don't get me started about the fact that Songs About Jane hung around for waaaaay too long. It was released in 2002 and was winning gramophones in 2005. That doesn't seem right at all.

If you are wondering why I started a review of this album with a little rant about what a pile of garbage Maroon 5 is, it's because Kara's Flowers is made up of 4 of the 5 jerks in Maroon 5. Whereas Maroon 5 is an atrocity, Kara's Flowers is a perfectly nice power pop band. I actually really enjoyed this record. As a matter of fact it has a much better song about Jane ("My Ocean Blue") than anything Maroon 5 ever cranked out. This album is so enjoyable it makes my brain hurt to think that it was made by the same people who have been stinking up the airwaves for the last decade. This is cognitive dissonance personified. I know big words.

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