Sunday, March 4, 2012

Imperial Drag - Imperial Drag

Jellyfish is my #2 favorite band of all time. They lived short (only 2 studio albums) as a band, but their legacy has been carried on in many different ways since they broke up in 1994. Members of Jellyfish have popped up in various bands, solo efforts, production roles, etc. since their breakup. Ever wonder why Beck's Sea Change was so good? Two former members of Jellyfish contributed about a dozen instruments and some backing vocals to it. Many of the things you enjoy and think are awesome are a result of the Jellyfish touch. If you ever see anything with Roger Manning, Jason Falkner, or Andy Sturmer's name on it, buy it. It will be good.

Anyway, this little gem is the work of Roger Manning and Eric Dover. Dover joined Jellyfish for the tour supporting their second and final album, Spilt Milk. Imperial Drag is slightly less sonically lush than either of the two Jellyfish albums. It rocks a little more in a straightforward manner, but there are some definite Jellyfish jags like "'Breakfast' by Tiger (Kiss it all Goodbye)." This album also gives a little more free reign to Manning's keyboards, allowing him to lay down a few choice solos. All in all this is a very good album.

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