Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (NES Game)

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers (Hereafter CDRR) was a breath of fresh air after playing Castelian and Castlequest. I might be rating this game higher than it deserves just because it was liberating to play a well-designed game again.

In CDRR you can play as either Chip or Dale in single player mode, or get a friend and play both in two player mode. Two player mode is highly recommended because you can pick up the other player and throw them (in much the same way that you do in New Super Mario Bros). At any rate, whichever mode you play, you are one of the chipmunks and you make your way through the stages avoiding enemies like robotic dogs, rats, alligators, and other evil animals. You can kill these enemies by throwing items like boxes and apples.

The item pick-up feature is very satisfying. You can pick up and hurl boxes with great ease. When you pick up an apple, your character will buckle and start to sweat under the strain of the load. He will move slower and jump lower until you hurl the apple, preferably at an enemy. It's a very nice touch, and greatly appreciated after playing two horrible games.

CDRR is a nicely-designed platformer. The levels get increasingly difficult, but not so much that you throw your hands up in despair. The bosses are well-designed and nicely animated, especially Fat Cat. You kill all the bosses in exactly the same way (throwing a red ball up in the air) which is a little disappointing. Even so, this game is a whole lot of fun. The levels and enemies are inventive, and the game follows the show pretty closely. All in all a very nice job by Capcom.

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