Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Commando (NES Game)

Are you the sort of person who played Bionic Commando and openly wished that there were more overhead stages as your friends rolled their eyes and tried to figure out how to get away from you? If so, Commando is the game for you!

Commando is a vertical scrolling shooter in which you basically just blast through countless enemies, dodge their bullets and grenades, and rescue a few hostages (maybe even shoot a few hostages. That's just as easy to do). This game has been around forever, and although it may have been a marvel on the Atari 2600, it's small potatoes on the NES, especially when other games in the genre did it much better (Heavy Barrel, Ikari Warriors, and even the top-view portions of Bionic Commando).

Commando is a prime example of what Nintendo gamers refer to as "blink." This is when sprites on the screen disappear and reappear for no reason. Commando opens with a big helicopter dropping you off in the desert. Most of the time about half of the helicopter is blinking. So yeah, if you've ever wondered what blink is all about, play this game.

I guess Commando is playable enough, but it's really not that enjoyable. As I said, there are better games in the vertical scrolling foot soldier genre on the NES, so it's kind of a redundant title that should not be purchased for more than $2 and should not be played more than once. It's mainly useful for taking up space on a shelf and helping your NES collection to look vast.

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