Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Dragon (NES Game)

If you think Double Dragon is old school cooperative beat 'em up madness, you're probably thinking of Double Dragon II. Double Dragon still has many elements of a good game, but it's not nearly as good as future Double Dragon games would be.

The first thing you'll notice with Double Dragon is that although it features a two player mode, it does not feature cooperative gameplay. This means that your friend will have to sit with controller in hand doing nothing like he's Luigi waiting for Mario to die. Part of the fun of beat 'em ups is playing with a friend and pretending that you're not secretly pleased when your score is higher than your partner's, or fighting doubly hard when your score is behind. The arcade version of this game had co-op gameplay, so it's hard not to deduct a few points there.

Many of the things that made the Double Dragon series great are included in this game. You still have the large pointing hand that tells you where to go (a beat 'em up staple). There are still many weapons that can be picked up and used for short periods of time (whips, knives, barrels, etc.). The female enemies still look like lesbians, and the bosses are still so large they can't possibly be human. There are still the remains of a good game in Double Dragon.

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