Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elastica- s/t

Elastica happened in 1995 (and again in 2000, but most people noticed in 1995) but I didn't get my grubby mitts on their self-titled debut until 1998 when it could be easily found in bargain bins and thrift stores.

In 1995 every music mag was hailing Elastica as this musical juggernaut that would take over the world, destroy it, and re-shape it in their own image like some sort of musical Parallax (okay, maybe they didn't use those exact terms, but they definitely used that tone). And, as I already stated, three years later they were in thrift stores and bargain bins. I honestly don't know what happened to Elastica, but it doesn't really matter. I have this album as a document which proves that they did in fact rock and that they were in fact awesome.

Elastica's debut album is an angular and raw. It's what Blur would have been if all their songs were a lot more like "Song 2" and if everyone but the drummer was female. The songs are fairly short, but there are 16 of them, so the album never really lets up. Elastica definitely belongs in my personal "Sisters are Doing it For Themselves" hall of fame along with the likes of Veruca Salt and Cub. I don't know why the rest of the world gave up on Elastica, but I never did (of course I got on the train a few years late). They still sound as good to me now as the day I picked this album out of a discount bin.

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