Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dramarama- Hi-Fi Sci-Fi

I have always been telling people that Dramarama never released a bad album. Hi-Fi Sci-Fi is as good an evidence for this fact as anything else they ever did.

Released a year before Dramarama broke up (and a decade before they got back together), Hi-Fi Sci-Fi proves that even with lineup changes and the failure to gain mainstream notoriety, Dramarama has always brought the rock. They always have and they always will. Know it and deal with it.

If I was pressed to define what particular quality Hi-Fi Sci-Fi (and indeed Dramarama itself) has that makes it so great, I guess I would have to go with consistency. In much the same way that Toad the Wet Sprocket and AC/DC always deliver the goods, Dramarama always puts out good albums. I'm not looking at them through rose-colored glasses. I know that Hi-Fi Sci-Fi won't ever sit on the same podium that Revolver or Nevermind do. It doesn't have the social significance of some of the world's greatest rock albums, but if all you expect from a rock album is to be rocked by every track, pick this one up.

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