Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cobra Triangle (NES Game)

Cobra Triangle is another off-the-beaten-path NES game. There must be a few other boat games for the NES, but I can't remember/don't know what they are. Cobra Command boasts (seriously, this game brags about itself constantly) a variety of different gameplay modes throughout its stages. You'll do everything from racing to mine disposal to protecting swimmers to battling bosses. If it can be done in a boat, you'll do a little of it in this game.

The gameplay is fairly simple (direction pad to steer, one button is the throttle and the other shoots), but some of the stages are really difficult. You'll actually battle the boss you see on the cover art, which is novel. You can gain powerups, but you have to get 'em early because you won't have the chance later on. It's actually a pretty hard game to get all the way through, but fun nonetheless.

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