Thursday, July 21, 2011

Erasure- Pop! The First 20 Hits

In high school all my friends were big into synthpop. I started high school in 1994, so we definitely weren't with the times, so to speak. We were still hung up on bands whose heydays were in the 80s, a decade that dared not speak its name in the 90s.

There were 3 albums that, more than any others, formed the basis of our collective musical taste. Those albums were Discography by Pet Shop Boys, Violator by Depeche Mode, and Pop! The first 20 Hits by Erasure (surprisingly, none of us are gay). Erasure was part of the synthpop tri-force (with New Order coming in a close 4th) and this greatest hits album is as good a place to familiarize yourself with Erasure as any.

I have listened to this album from top to bottom no less than 30 times, and my enjoyment of it has not diminished at all. It has the obvious hits like "Oh L'Amour" and "A Little Respect" but also some lesser-knowns that I really love like "Am I Right?" and "You Surround Me." It has dance floor classics like "Chorus" and "Love to Hate You" and great love songs like "Heavenly Action." If you want to experience the full scope of what Erasure was capable of in their early career, this is where to start.

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