Thursday, July 21, 2011


Erasure loves ABBA apparently. They love them so much that they made this 4 track cover EP. I've heard a lot of ABBA covers in my day (Have you heard Pierce Brosnan sing? It's terrifying) and most of them are not that good. ABBA had a special something that just made them untouchable by most mere mortals. Erasure is possibly the only group I've ever heard cover them not only ably, but with gusto. Mucho gusto.

The only knock I have on this EP is that it isn't longer. Why couldn't they have covered "The Winner Takes it All" "Super Trouper" or "Andante Andante" in addition to what they did cover ("Lay All Your Love on Me" "S.O.S." "Take a Chance on Me" and "Voulez Vous")? I guess the real test of this EP is that it left me wanting a whole lot more. Andy Bell's voice is perfect for ABBA and Vince Clarke's backing tracks breathe new life into these songs. It's just very very well done and it's a shame there isn't more of it.

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