Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ok Go - s/t

I feel smart for having jumped on the Ok Go bandwagon early. Back when I used to frequent Hoodlum's, this album showed up on the listening posts. Ok Go's debut album was being sold for a mere $5, which felt like a steal. I would have gladly paid more after listening to this album in the store. Not only was Ok Go excit-ing, they also sounded excit-ed to be making music. They just seemed like a band with a lot of pluck. Of course this has been proven true through their breakthrough success on Youtube (I feel compelled to point out that I was on their Youtube awesomeness early as well. I saw this and this way before I saw this). Even though they are the unchallenged kings of the low-budget high-concept music video, Ok Go would be nothing if their music wasn't fantastic first. They have harmonious harmonies, hooky hooks, and great licks. They're everything you could ever want from a fun-lovin' not-too-serious rock band. They were kicking out the jams right out of the gate and show no signs of stopping.

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