Monday, April 30, 2012

The Poppin' Wheelies - s/t

This is a side project of a Gin Blossoms side project. It was produced as a concept for a never-produced animated show about a band in space. The Poppin' Wheelies are the exact same band as Gas Giants, a post-Gin Blossoms project for Robin Wilson and a few other Gin Blossoms regulars. As it was with From Beyond the Back Burner, the Gas Giants album that preceded this disc by a year, there is a distinct Gin Blossoms quality to the record, but there's also a sense of fun and artistic freedom that was somewhat lacking on Congratulations I'm Sorry (this album features a techno song at the end, so this is a band doing pretty much whatever they want). It's the sound of a professional band gone back into the garage and the result is a fine record with plenty of good tunes. If you're into Gin Blossoms (and I am), this is a disc you should own...provided you own all the regular Gin Blossoms releases first.

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