Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pistoleros - Hold on to Nothing

Back in the 90's, it seemed like Tempe, AZ (known for its awesome university and silly party laws) was going to be the new Athens, GA. There was a thriving music scene that spawned Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments, Dead Hot Workshop, The Pistoleros, and other great bands. Then the scene dried up and blew away as most of the relevant clubs closed and the bands moved on. The only surviving relics of the scene are Roger Clyne, who is a mythical cult figure in Arizona, and the albums produced during the era.

I was all about all the other Tempe bands as the scene was still happening, but I didn't catch on to this gem until much later. I'm glad I finally laid my hands on it because it's every bit as good as everything else the Tempe scene produced. There are shades of Gin Blossoms-esque pop hooks and Refreshments-esque southwest-tinged rock. It's Arizona rock at its best and I dig it. I dig it big time.

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