Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peachcake and Less Pain Forever - Now We Have Something to Celebrate

This split EP is the work of two up-and-coming Arizona bands. It was released on Jim Adkins' (of Jimmy Eat World) Western Tread label and gives each band 5 tracks in which to do what they do. Less Pain Forever is a somewhat humorous indie rock band. When I first heard their half of the album I thought, "Goodness gracious these young gents are interesting!" They got less so with repeated listens and I now have no interest in acquiring any further Less Pain Forever recordings. Peachcake is a sort of synthpop/indie electronic sort of band. Their songs have long names such as "Stop Acting Like You Know More About the Internet Cafe Than Me" and "Jeremiah, Stop Taking Bukowski so Seriously." The songs themselves are a bit less interesting than their titles and really begin to all sound the same. Ultimately this promising fresh-faced EP wears thin with repeated listens. It's a shame because at the time this was released, there wasn't a whole lot (other than lots and lots of garble-throat metal, which isn't really my bag) going on with music in Arizona. We're a long way removed from the blossoming 90's Tempe scene that brought us Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments, and Dead Hot Workshop.

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