Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pet Shop Boys - Discography

Discography was the holy grail when I was in high school. It was hard to come by in my small Northern Arizona home town (oddly enough, Erasure's Pop! The First 20 Hits was readily available). Those who owned it were constantly loaning it to people who needed to tape it. When I found this copy at Wal-Mart in Show Low I snatched it up.

Discography collects Pet Shop Boys' first 18 hits on a single disc. It's a great overview of the band, and is required listening for fans of synthpop. In case you're wondering, yes "West End Girls" is on the album. I hate the fact that people only seem to know Pet Shop Boys for "West End Girls" the same way they only know a-ha for "Take on Me" and Erasure for "A Little Respect" because it was on that one episode of Scrubs (That was a really good episode though). Aside from "West End Girls", which is far from Pet Shop Boys' best song, there is a whole slew of really great tracks on this album. I highly recommend "Always on My Mind" "Domino Dancing" "Let to My Own Devices" and "Was it Worth It?".

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