Monday, April 30, 2012

Various Artists - Plea For Peace Take Action Volume 2

Whereas the first Plea For Peace Take Action compilation was pretty good, this compilation is dirty filthy garbage that should not be handled with bare hands. It features waaaaay more screamo than any disc ever should. You know how people do that thing where they say, "Every song in such and such a genre is exactly the same" but normally that statement is ignorant and shortsighted (yes, even if you say it about the many subgenres of electronic music). Well, I think I can safely make that statement for the vocal performances in screamo. Sure, I'll give the instrumentals credit for a decent amount of variation, but screamo vocals are unintelligible and absolutely interchangeable. If someone mashed up two screamo songs, do you think anyone, even fans of the genre, would be able to tell? I say no. Yeah, I know I'm just old enough to be outside the intended demographic for screamo, but my statement still stands. It's a crappy way to make music. So yeah, having to listen to Poison the Well, Avenged Sevenfold, Snapcase, and Curlupandie back to back to hellish back was the sort of torturous experience I wouldn't wish on Derek Jeter, and I wish all kinds of bad things on him.

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