Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Crow Medicine Show - O.C.M.S.

Old Crow Medicine Show is a bluegrass band that manages to be both young and old at the same time. While the first track on the album warns of the evils of cocaine (surely an odd thing for a bluegrass band to sing about) the second track is a Vietnam War protest song. Old Crow Medicine Show seems oblivious to what decade it is as well as how old they are. For how cohesive their songs are and how expertly they perform them, I guess it doesn't matter which decade or century Old Crow Medicine Show chooses to fixate on. They're just good and I guess that's all that matters. Oh, and "Wagon Wheel" is one of the greatest songs in the history of songs. I have heard it no less than a hundred times and it still moves me like few songs can.

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