Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pet Shop Boys - Alternative

This compilation of Pet Shop Boys b-sides is surprisingly strong and actually works as a cohesive album. Pet Shop Boys have always had a bit of a darker side, and that side really becomes apparent on this double disc compilation. Even when the songs are seemingly happy musically, they are decidedly less so lyrically. Case in point: "What Keeps Mankind Alive?". Also included in this set are a couple of very nice straightforward non-electronic ballads ("Your Funny Uncle" and "If Love Were All"). I love nearly every single song on this album. I say nearly every song because there's one song that has no business being called a song. It has no business being on this album and it had no business getting recorded let alone conceived as what I am sure was a part of some bizarre experiment Chris and Neil did with hallucinogens. I am talking, of course, about the abomination that is "The Sound of the Atom Splitting." Aside from that lone track, everything else on this double album is super great. Own it, and promise me you'll skip track 13 on disc 1 every time.

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