Monday, April 30, 2012

Various Artists - Plea For Peace Take Action

I bought this compilation because it was cheap, had bands that I like on it, and had a bazillion songs. I figured it was pretty good bang for my buck, and I was mostly right. About half this album is right up my alley (Hot Water Music, At the Drive-In, Good Riddance, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, etc.) and most of the rest swings and misses. All in all, it's a decent batting average for a punk compilation.

I need to mention that this comp was my introduction to AFI. I saw them later that summer on the Warped Tour and loved how hardcore they were (Dave Havok wore all black leather in Phoenix in July. Oh, and the pit for AFI was brutal). I am the only person on earth who liked AFI more as a punk band than the goth-ish emo-ish thing they turned into with Sing the Sorrow. You heard it right. I like Answer That and Stay Fashionable more than Sing the Sorrow. Deal with it.

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