Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bad Astronaut - Acrophobe

So I guess this is an EP despite having 10 tracks, which is the standard number of tracks for an LP (provided, of course, that you aren't Yes, who can make an entire album out of 3 very long tracks). Anyway, Bad Astronaut is a pop punk supergroup spearheaded by Joey Cape of Lagwagon. The group features a semi-rotating cast of other pop punkers. It's basically The Traveling Wilburys for a new generation.

Anyway, Acrophobe is an interesting EP. It features some straightforward pop punk, but it also features a cover of an old folk tune ("500 Miles") and a cover of an Elliott Smith original ("Needle in the Hay"). As with any decent supergroup, Bad Astronaut appears to be a forum for its various band members to trot out things that didn't fit under the banner of their main bands. Acrophobe is pleasant, and even interesting, but hardly essential.

Baleeted? No. This EP qualifies as keepable, but it's not overqualified.

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