Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Beatles - The Magical Mystery Tour

This is one of the most glorious failures in musical history. Hot on the heels of Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles set out to pretend that they were someone else again, and created a film to support their new album. The film was a critical and commercial flop, but the album turned out to be something special. I really love most of the tracks on this album. "Fool on the Hill," "Your Mother Should Know" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" are just a few of the excellent songs from this album. While this album and its supporting film never reached the Sgt. Pepper heights the band intended, it's hard to have anything but love for the music itself. Oh, and don't forget that this is where "I Am the Walrus" comes from. That's a great song in a very weird way.

Baleeted? No. Because Beatles.

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