Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Bangles - We Are the 80's

The Bangles were one of the best things going in the 80's, and that very fact shines through on this compilation which was brought to you by the annoyingly nostalgic VH1 Classic.

Of the major 1980's girl groups (Bangles, Go-Gos, Bananarama) The Bangles were the best by a large margin. With the vocal talents of Susanna Hoffs and a penchant for power pop (one of their hits was a Big Star cover, which gives them instant power pop cred) The Bangles provided sugary sweet pop with jangly guitars and sweet harmonies. Excepting my least favorite Bangles song, "Walk Like an Egyptian," these women cranked out nothing but the finest pop tunes for a solid decade. This compilation includes most of the band's best songs, including my personal favorite "Complicated Girl." While much of the music from the 80s will not appeal to anyone who wasn't alive at the time, there is something timeless in The Bangles, and this compilation provides plenty of evidence to that fact.

Baleeted? No. I love Susanna Hoffs too much.

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