Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Beatles - Anthology 1

Boasting the first "new" Beatles tracks in a few decades, the anthology albums sparked a whole lot of interest in The Beatles in the 90's as my generation was given the opportunity to learn about the greatest band of all great bands (The Beatles are such a great band that I don't even list them as one of my favorite bands. Saying you like The Beatles is like saying you like breathing. They're both omnipresent and essential, so it almost becomes ridiculous to say that you like them because, as a human being, you simply must).

Unfortunately, the anthology albums aren't very interesting for anyone who isn't teaching a course on The Beatles. Anthology 1 provided a lot of the early tracks for the Beatles course I took in college, but that doesn't mean they're interesting to people who simply enjoy listening to the studio albums. In the same way that I don't need to follow the history of rock and roll all the way back to field hollers and spirituals, I don't need to follow The Beatles back to their Tony Sheridan days.

Baleeted? No. I keep this for historical documentation only, and will likely never listen to it again.

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