Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beachwood Sparks - Once We Were Trees

Once We Were Trees actually improves on the Beachwood Sparks formula, adding bits of Buffalo Springfield and Buck Owens to the already impressive Gram Parsons element in the band's music. Add to this the fact that Once We Were Trees is the band's best group of songs, and you have the ingredients for a winner.

While all of the aforementioned influences for Beachwood Sparks are relics from the 60's, the band's music could not possibly sound less like retro kitsch. On the contrary, it sounds completely current and relevant. You really just have to sit down and digest these albums to understand just what Beachwood Sparks has done. Suffice it to say that I am endlessly pleased by these albums and will head back for a second taste soon.

Baleeted? No. I'm going to put on a Nudie suit and listen to this bad boy again.

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