Saturday, May 11, 2013

Video of the Moment

I've decided to start posting some videos to this site because I've been running across a number of great things on itunes. I tend to hate music videos for a number of reasons. First, I think most music videos actually take away from, rather than add to the musical experience. Second, I find that there are way more videos which are simply an exercise in blowing smoke up one's own butt rather than playing music for music's sake. Third, there's a rule of three's and I follow it.

Anyway, so I'll try and post videos which are actually worth watching. The first  Video of the Moment (I'm doing VOTM because I don't plan on doing this with once per day or once per week regularity. This is just the video I'm thinking of at the moment) comes from Neil Sedaka. For some reason, my sisters were big on Neil Sedaka in the 80's, and "Calendar Girl" was their jam. I listened to this song a zillion times before I finally got to see the video, and I thought it couldn't get more awesome. Get your brains ready, because they're about to get knocked into your hands (yes, this video will transform you into an Ood).

For some reason, blogger is not letting me embed the video I want. Here is the link to the video, which is pictured below.

Note Sedaka's amazing dance moves. And they say white people can't dance. Ridiculous. Anyway, this video is one of my new favorite things and I haven't stopped loving it since I found it.

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