Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bauhaus - It's a Pastel Black

This is not an official Bauhaus compilation. I had to throw that disclaimer in there lest anyone actually goes looking for this album.

Once upon a time, a former roommate of mine put every Bauhaus album, EP, and single into my itunes library. I had never been opposed to Bauhaus (Though I am opposed to Bauhaus as an architectural style. Nobody has made more ugly buildings than the Bauhaus architects) but I had not, at that point, become a fan. I decided to only take the best and most notable Bauhaus tracks and compile them into my own DIY compilation which I called It's a Pastel Black because I was in a silly mood at the time. I don't think my mind was prepared for the abysmal darkness of Bauhaus until I learned to love doom metal. Bauhaus isn't doom metal, but it employs a similar use of alternate tunings and heavy distortion. Bauhaus is goth rock at its darkest and most compelling.  With the breadth of the band's output, it's hard to believe that they really only released records between 1980 and 1983 (yes, I know they got back together for an album in 2008, but I made this compilation before then).

I guess it's a bit ridiculous for me to be reviewing a compilation that I made for myself, so consider this to be a review of the band's best work and less of a review of my ability to compile the band's best work. That said, Bauhaus is awesome. They rock hard and they rock dark.

Baleeted? No, I'm not going to delete a compilation I made for myself.

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