Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alex Chilton-High Priest

 As a big fan of Big Star, it pains me to say what I feel I must say about this album and Alex Chilton's solo career in general: he doesn't have the voice or the chops to lay down the music he's trying to lay down. Sure, he can lay down beautiful balladry like he did with Big Star. He can drop a boatload of rock on you like he also did with Big Star. What he can't do is sing blues, soul, or r&b and not sound like the whitest of crackers, and this is coming from a man who just heaped praise on the Cetera years of Chicago. Listen to "Lost My Job" and try to tell me you weren't imagining how much better it would be with Howlin' Wolf or Muddy Waters singing it. Sorry Alex.

Well, I have to help clean my house so my in-laws can stay the weekend. I'll be back with more reviews when this computer desk isn't dirtier than the floor.

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