Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bouncing Souls-Anchors Aweigh

 There are some things which are not music related that tend to affect your ability to like certain albums or artists. I once had to listen to Alanis Morrisette's insipid Jagged Little Pill (ugh. Even the name of that album makes my skin crawl) for 6 straight hours on a bus trip because I was traveling with a buncha girls who couldn't get enough Alanis. Now I would rather kick the devil in the huevos and deal with the consequences than listen to that trash again. If I had been given smaller doses of Alanis over a larger period of time, I might feel differently. Anyway, the things that affected my ability to enjoy Anchors Aweigh to its full extent are thus: 1) A really hot girl that I really liked broke up with me right when this album came out. She was also a Bouncing Souls fan and if memory serves correct, she bought it for me. 2) It was while watching the Bouncing Souls on the True Bromance tour (right after this album came out. They toured with Hot Water Music. It was awesome) that I landed myself a lasting case of tinnitus. Now I have a permanent ringing in my ears that is only abated by sleep. So even though this is ostensibly a great Bouncing Souls album, it always brings up bad memories for me.

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