Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harry Connick, jr.-Blue Light, Red Light

I purchased this album at a truck stop in Kingman, AZ on a high school speech and debate trip to the dustbowl that is Bullhead City. I remember buying it because the girl I was sitting with on the 6 hour bus ride was oohing and aahing over this disc, and I was trying to impress her. I had a massive headache at the time, so I didn't really enjoy this album when we listened to it on my headphone splitter (a measure of preparation that the ladies always seemed to be grateful for) the first time, but it has become my very favorite Harry Connick, jr. album since then. Harry is backed up by a 14 piece jazz band on this album, but unlike We are in Love all the songs on this disc are originals. I highly recommend "A Blessing and a Curse" and "Just Kiss Me."

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