Monday, May 30, 2011

The Damnwells-Bastards of the Beat

The Damnwells make country rock in the same vein as Old 97's and Ryan Adams. I found out about them through one of the samplers I used to take at Hoodlum's (they had a section of samplers that record companies would send them. They put them out for free taking, and I took one of each every time. I found a lot of good music that way, and a lot of crap). The Damnwells sampler was so good I bought the full length album. The full length album was so good I listened to it over and over but never bought any other Damnwells albums. Why? I cannot say. They even have an album called No One Listens to The Band Anymore. I listen to The Band. They're #3 in my favorite bands of all-time. Anyway, if you like The Band and all the bands they inspired, you'll probably really like The Damnwells. Check out "I Will Keep the Bad Things From You" and "Kiss Catastrophe."

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