Monday, May 30, 2011

Counting Crows-Across a Wire: Live in New York

I'm always a little wary of live albums for two reasons: 1) Sometimes the sound quality really sucks (Bouncing Souls-Tie One On!) and 2) You might find out that a band whose studio albums you are a fan of isn't that good when they get outside the studio (NOFX. Not only do they have a live album called I Heard They Suck Live, they actually do suck live. I don't recommend ever seeing them, but I do recommend their albums). So I was a little skeptical about picking up this double live album until I sampled it on a listening post at the old Virgin Megastore that doesn't exist anymore (at least not in Arizona). The Counting Crows keep with the old jam band standard of not playing a song the same way twice, which keeps things interesting when both discs in this two album set contain essentially the exact same songs. This live album is good enough. It doesn't blow my mind, but it's definitely good enough that it gets a spin every now and again.

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