Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Black Crowes-By Your Side

At this very moment I am thinking of the M*A*S*H* episode from season 6 called "Your Hit Parade." It's the one when Radar becomes a dj. So that's my exact frame of mind coming into these CD's.

The first time I ever saw a Black Crowes cd, it was sitting next to an Eagles Greatest Hits cd on someone's coffee table. I just assumed that The Black Crowes were some great classic rock band I had never heard if they belong on the same coffee table as The Eagles. That frame of mind has always made it harder to enjoy The Black Crowes, even though it wasn't a frame of mind that anyone ever pushed on me. Dots that I connected with no outside intervention have made it more difficult to enjoy this band. They have a great name. They have a great look. It's just that their sound isn't exactly what I had hoped it would be because I conjured up some Led Zeppelin-ish picture in my mind. Anyway, this is one of two Black Crowes albums I own. It's pretty good, but it always leaves me a little empty. It's probably my own dang fault.

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