Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dentists-Deep Six

I bought this album because of a previous speculative buy. Sometimes I dig through piles of 45's and buy the ones that look interesting. I'm especially motivated when they look rare. So I picked up a copy of The Dentist's special 45 "Hear No Evil." Yes, they also put out 45's called "See No Evil" and "Speak No Evil" and they were all released on separate independent labels so fans would have to work a little to collect them all. One particular track on that EP was so good that it caused me to run out and buy two Dentists CD's. The track is "Leave Me Alive" and it is a pure pop gem. I have listened to that 45 upward of 50 times and every time I love it a little more. The only problem with Deep Six is that it is nothing like "Leave Me Alive." I found Deep Six to be some unbelievably bland brit-rock befitting of a band called The Dentists. It's a shame they couldn't do more songs like that one song they released on a limited release 45. Yeah, you don't get to say that about too many other bands, do you?

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