Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blackalicious-The Craft

 The Craft represents a bit of a departure for Blackalicious. They used a lot more live instruments on this album and not as many samples. I guess they were trying to be a little more like The Roots or something. Anyway, The Craft is a good album, but not nearly as great as Blazing Arrow or Nia. The songs that I love on this album I really really love. Check out "Powers." If you don't enjoy it, I have band news for you: your musical taste is broken. You can either resign yourself to a life of listening to Alanis Morrisette (the crappiest crapfruit on the craptree) or you can pull your head out and start listening to good music. The choice is yours.

I love how at the end of every post I realize that I have written it with some imaginary audience in mind. Like some high school kid who wants to know cool music is sitting there with a pad and paper and scratching out Alanis Morrisette's name and writing down Blackalicious. Actually, I would be perfectly happy if that were the reality. Way to go, kid.

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