Monday, May 30, 2011

Daft Punk-Homework

In the late 90's I bought a lot of this kind of music. I have already left fairly unkind reviews of The Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method (which seems really unfair when you consider that not only did I willingly buy those albums, I happily bought them. And I'm Mr. Don't Be Ashamed of Your Taste guy) so it would seem logical that I would tear into Daft Punk. Don't be so hasty. Despite the fact that Daft Punk belongs in the same section of a record store as the other two aforementioned bands, they are a world apart in that they have not really faded with time or the changing of my musical tastes. "De Funk" still sounds exciting and "Around the World" still sounds great to me even if it is two and a half minutes too long. Daft Punk still sounds fresh to my ears. It's no wonder Kanye decided to lift one of their songs. They have whatever it is that the other guys don't.

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